Sailing In Greece


Greece and Its Importance

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries located in Southeast Europe. According to the latest survey, the population of the country is 11 million. The capital of Greece is Athens. The country is blessed with a lot of greenery and natural alluring sites which are a source of attracting people towards it. The beauty of the country has made it “Tourism” the greatest source of economic activity. In the latest times, more than 19.0 million people can be accommodated at one time in different resorts and places of Greece if they visit for the purpose of tourism. Now while talking about sailing and cruising, Greece has a number of amazing sites to visit. Every place has its own beauty and specialty which can attract the tourists towards it. There are different companies in Greece which offer sailing packages at the cheapest rates and Nautika-yachting is one of them. By using them, you can get the best deals for sailing and cruising at discounted rates. Moreover, these packages will cover all the major targeted points of Greece.

Major Ports and Marinas that needs to be visited during Sailing and Cruising in Greece

If you plan to spend your holidays in Greece then you should surely look at the following major ports and marinas which have raised the importance of Greece.

  • Athens Marina: it is one of the most beautiful marinas and is located just near to the capital, only with a distance of 9km. This marina is famous for its service of safe tranquil mooring. The wide area of the marina can accommodate up to 130 yachts having 10 moorings ranging from 50m to 130m. Along with this, “Zea Marina” and “Flisovs Marina” are of immense importance. These marinas offer pre-reservation and provide 100% quality services.
  • Rhodes Marina: this marina is situated in Rhodes, on the biggest Rhodes Island. This marina can provide easy assistance to the airport and other important localities. It is a safe harbor and facilitates moor stern as well.
  • Gouvia Marina- Corfu Island: it is situated in a natural locality just 6km away from Corfu. It is located in the middle of the island providing different facilities of restaurants, bars, play areas, tourist picture attraction and much more.
  • Kos Marina: It is located in Kos Island. This marina also has all the basic facilities and entertaining activities which can be reserved before arriving.
  • Lefkas Marina- Lefkada Island: it is known as one of the best and modern marinas which have all the facilities and services which are required by tourists. It has a number of historical monuments and sovereignties placed in it.
  • Apart from these, Port Zakynthos located in Zakynthos Island, Sani Marina in Halkidiki, Olympic Marina in the Lavrion Attica, Mikonos Port, Crete Island, Odyseas Marina located in Meganisi Island, Vathi Marina, Fiskardo Marina, and Kefalonia Island are some the important marinas and ports which are worth visiting.

Use of Charter Yachts in Greece

Yacht chartering is a sought of renting or sealing (chartering) a sailboat or motorboat to different tourists or visitors. Yacht chartering is used to visit different destinations and areas which are of most popular among a specific country. The practice of yacht chartering is usually performed during the vacation activities. However, in times of some business or corporate events, yacht chartering can be useful. Yacht Charters are classified into the following two categories:

  • Un-Inspected Yachts: these yachts are designed to carry a small number or a group of 6 people to the desired destinations. Along with this, a skipper or a licensed person of that locality will be there with you to facilitate and guide accordingly. In this type, you can choose and plan your tour the way you want.
  • Inspected- Yachts: these yachts are designed to carry people in a bulk. More than 100 and thousands of people are carried together in the meantime. It is a pre-planned program and the options are not according to your own choice. The basic facilities of music, food, pictures etc are provided accordingly.

Yacht Charters are very much useful if you are a tourist and are unaware of the places and important destinations to visit. Yacht chartering will give you endless opportunities to visit the most famous and spectacular areas of Greece. Our company (Nautika Yachting) offers the best yacht charters with a wide range of facilities in the cheapest rates. Pre-booking and top deals can save a huge sum of your money. It is one of the best yacht sailing companies in the market.

Why choose Boat Renting in Greece?

Boat renting can be helpful in a number of ways. For example

  • It saves time
  • It can help you in saving money by choosing a reasonable and worth trusting sailing company
  • It will help in exploring a wide range of places from islands to marinas, from ports to major amazing sites which are a source of affection according to the priority list of the importance of places
  • Moreover, it covers the best beaches
  • The best food can be tasted and the basic facilities can be enjoyed

Best Visiting Sites while Cruising in Greece  

While planning to spend a vacation in Greece, you must have know-how regarding the famous sites of the places which are worth mentioning. However, different tourists guide can give you some awareness but the following are the main places:

  • Sea Dream cruise from Dubrovnik to Piraeus
  • Celestyal Cruises around the Greek Islands
  • Royal Caribbean International cruise to Mykonos
  • Silver Spirit cruise liner to Piraeus
  • Seabourne voyage to Katakolon
  • Voyages of Antiquity cruise to Athens
  • Star Clippers cruise to Monemvasia
  • Cruising the Aegean: Kos to Patmos
  • Variety Cruises around the Cyclades


Greece is one of the most beautiful places for the tourist’s attraction. Nautika Yachting is one of the most famous companies among the cruising and boating sailors which offer boating and exposure of Greece in the minimum rates with the best benefits.



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