Sailing In Croatia


Croatia and its Importance 

The Republic of Croatia also known as the “Lonely Planet” is a country located at the crossroad of Central and Southeast Europe. It is located at the Adriatic Sea. The country is blessed with a number of marinas, yachts and ports which are a great source of tourism for the people. Nearly, 20% of the total economy of Croatia relies on Tourism. There a number of holiday resorts and marinas which at the Adriatic Sea which are the main concern of tourists. Moreover, with the passage of time, the islands and ports began to expand throughout the country and mass tourism was achieved. Every year in vacations, nearly 1.5 million tourists visit this country just to see its natural beauty. According to the research, Croatia is the world’s 18th most popular tourism country. Here you can get different yachts for rent, motorboats and boats with sailors which help in exploring the complete area. 

Main Marinas and Ports that need to be visited during Sailing in Croatia 

Croatia is blessed with a number of ports and marinas which should be visited when you plan to visit this area. These areas are usually occupied throughout the vocational season so you must prioritize and make a pre-reservation before visiting:

  • Marina Punat located on Krk Island: It is situated in Punat (a small town) on Krk Island. It is believed to be the best marina in Croatia. Due to the perfect services and the beauty of Marina Punat, it has been awarded a Blue Flag. All the basic facilities of grocery, food stalls, restaurants, 800 wet berths along with 400 dry berths are available. It has a very huge capacity to accommodate people. 
  • D-Marin Mandalina located near Sibenik:  It is the second most important marina with a wide range of sailing boat and the facility of a motorboat, boat and sailor and yacht for rent. It is situated near to the historical place of Sibenik. It is considered the “safest” marina because of its location. This marina is free from winds and waves. D-Marin marina is the owner of “Blue Flag” and “5 Gold Anchors”. It has 429 wet berths along with 50 dry births. Some of the births are blessed with super yachts. 
  • Olive Island Marina located near Ugljan Island: this marina is situated in a peaceful village Sutomiscica, in the west of Zadar. This user-friendly marina is awarded as the best “little” marina. It has the ability to accommodate 225 wet berths, 25 dry berths, all the basic facilities of food, grocery and music. A lot of pets and animals are allowed to bring here. 
  • Marina Kor Nati: It is listed among the top 3 marinas because of the best capacity and perfect attention seeking location. It is among the largest nautical centers. 
  • Among the famous ports, Zverinac, Zlarin, Zenta, Vis, Susak, Stari Grad, Spinut, Silba-Zalic, Malinska, Sali, Muna, Orebic and Podgora are worth-visiting. They are the top ports with quality services. 

Main Charter Companies 

Throughout Croatia, you will find a number of yacht and chartering companies which will help you in exploring the whole country within a limited period of time. The companies offer yachts for rent, sailing boats, and motor boats with a sailing catamaran with quality services for the customers. These companies offer the yacht and chartering experience at the cheapest rates. During the vocational season, they launch certain deals and packages for the customer's ease. They are well known in the market because of their authentic services and customer care support. Following are the main charter companies in Croatia:

  • Sail Croatia Adventures Limited: Based in ACL Marina, this company offers complete freedom to the adults and a small group of people who want to explore Adriatic and another island of Croatia in a limited budget. 
  • The Globe Sailors: this sailing company offers yachts at rent at the most affordable prices. By collaborating with this company, yachting will be fun in holidays. By using this, the navigation near the Adriatic and associated areas become glittering. 
  • A Yacht Charter Dubrovnik: this company helps in visiting the top places in Dubrovnik during vacations. Quality services and facilities with pre-reservation options are available. 
  • Marina Now: this company is specific for renting the motorboats, boats, yachts and sailing catamaran. It helps in exploring the country by easy means. 

Croatia Sailing Information 

While you plan to spend your vacations in Croatia, there are certain things you should be aware of. For example:

  • Places to Visit: you must have know-how regarding the places you want to visit like all the ports and marinas. It will be better to make a list according to the priority of the importance of place. This will save you time. 
  • Sailor Guide: from wherever you rent a yacht or a boat, you should have a skipper guide with you. It will be very helpful in visiting places as he will be explaining to everything regarding the place. 
  • License: your skipper guide should have a license with him all the time. It will be proof that your boat is allowed to sail in particular areas with tourist’s navigation and other basic emergency equipment and services. 
  • Emergency Dial Numbers: you should always have a list of emergency dial numbers of the areas you are visiting. This will be helpful in case of any mishap of emergency. For example:
    • 112: Public emergency centre
    • 192: Police
    • 195: Sea search and rescue 
    • 194: Ambulance
    • 18981: General Information 
  • Danger Signals: You must know about the code words or signals used in case of any trouble. For example: 
    • MAYDAY: urgent assistance for boat required
    • PANPAN: to send an urgent message
    • SECURITE: for navigational warnings 

Main Sailing Routes in Croatia 

Sailing routes are planned according to the time span and number of days the tourists has. In this regard, pre-reservation is really helpful. As in the time span of arrival, a complete plan of the tour is made. There are different companies and online websites which help in this. Yacht Getaways, Sailing Europe, Yachting Croatia, Responsible Travels and Miomare Yachting offer the best tours in Croatia/. 


Croatia is a beautiful country to explore especially when it comes to spending vacations. The country has great tourist’s resorts and places which are worth visiting. 


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